How to extract zip files in FileZilla?

As we all know, FileZilla is one of the most popular platform to connect through FTP. In many cases, we have to use FileZilla to connect FTP to access our website files. But what if we have to upload the bulk of files using FileZilla? As FileZilla uploads the files one by one and it takes a lot of time. Sometimes a day to upload all the files so what should we do to solve out this issue?


To upload all the files at once, we have to first create a zip of all the files. Then you have to move that zip file into your server through FileZilla. Now the point is how can you extract the zip files in FileZilla? As there is no default feature to extract the zip files. So, we have to use some external method.
I will show you the easiest method to extract zip files in FileZilla. First of all download this unzipper file.

Now move that file into your server through FileZilla. After moving, open that zip file in your browser. You can see all the available zip files and an option to extract it. Just click on the extract button and it will extract all the files for you. You can also mention the sub-directory in which do you want your zip files to extract.

I hope it helps you to solve out your issues. If you have any questions, you can comment below.

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